2017-12-18 Recovery Day 287

Today was not a good day. The day started off the same way as the last few days with no lightheadedness and stomach issues with the exception of my shoulder discomfort. Things started right after lunch when all of a sudden pain was everywhere.

Before I went for my morning walk I tried to get my Skype session with Jurgen going. We tried for almost 30 minutes to get the sound going. Sadly we were not able as the time ran out as I had to get ready for my morning walk.

Today my morning walk was with Dean only. We noticed that over the weekend a few more houses were decorated. We have to go for a walk when it is dark to see all the homes with their decoration.

After our walk I went back home to my office, doing some more clean up before lunch. After lunch things started to turning to the worse. It started first with the shoulder discomfort turning to pain, followed by my my hip, knee and ankle joins starting to hurt as well. Bottomline the afternoon was not good. I took some Tylenol to bring the pain down a bit.

Around 4:00 Dianne took me to my cardiologist to find out how the echo results were. As it turns out they were perfect.

In summary, today was not a good day. I want to be positive that today was an exception and the rest of this week will be full of good days.