2017-12-22 Recovery Day 291

Good news, today was another good day, with the only issue being my shoulder discomfort which sometimes turns to pain because I overdue my activities.

My activities today were my morning walk with Dean and Gary, my evening walk with Dianne and Carsten and going grocery shopping with Dianne in the afternoon.

Since Dianne stayed home today I helped a bit with house work in preparation of Dieter, Renee and Carsten visiting today and staying until Monday. I did have some FaceTime session with Ray and Paul. Finally I finished cleaning up of my office. Next year I will go over all the things I decided to keep and sort them so that I can store them together in containers that will be labeled to find things quicker.

Dieter, Renee and Carsten arrived around 4:30. Enough time to play some games before the Pizza would be delivered.

After dinner we watched some kids movie before going to retire for the night.

In summary, today was a another good day. I hope that for Christmas the next 4 days will be good days.