2017-12-23 Recovery Day 292

Good news, today was another good day. By now you should know the rest what this means regarding my pain.

Today my morning and evening walks were with Dianne and Carsten. Other activities today were many little ones, to many to list. In a nutshell they were all part of doing many things within the house, such as running up and down the stairs.

Today is the 4th day since my Zometa Infusion without any side effects. You may recall that during my six treatment cycles the Zometa side effects were unbearable bone pains. This time the dosage was only half and I took Claritin for the first 3 days, which in some cases help with the bone pain. For now let’s assume the Claritin did the trick.

After dinner and our evening walk we watched like yesterday another kid movie before going to retire for the night.

In summary, today was a another good day. I hope that for Christmas the next 4 days will be good days.