2017-12-25 Recovery Day 294

Another good day with the only pain being that of my shoulder. It is becoming harder and harder to to write about my medical status since there is no change. Which is great for me, but not very investing to my fellow readers. Tonight I will start with my maintenance treatment, which is taken Revlimid, chemo drug in pill form. Revlimid can come with a number of side effects. My hope is that it does not for me.

The day started with opening presents. Carsten seemed to be the one that got the most presents. Afterwards we all had breakfast. Renee got pickup by her sister before Dieter and Carsten departed for home. I went for my morning walk with Dean an hour later then normally. Gary was not available today.

Getting back home, Dianne and Denise have started to put all Christmas decoration away, including the Christmas Tree. For the rest of the day we cleaned up, something planned for tomorrow, however Dianne who was off tomorrow, now needs to go to work to cover for a co-worker who informed Dianne that she will not be in tomorrow. The rest of the day we watched some movies.

In summary, today was a another good day. Sadly Dieter, Renee and Carsten had to go home to Southern California.