2017-12-26 Recovery Day 295

Another good day with the only pain being that of my shoulder. Today was the first for two things, watching for possible side effects from starting taking Revlimid, chemo drug in pill form. The other first being the use of walking poles which I got for Christmas.

After breakfast I had my Skype call with Francois. Afterwards Dean and I went for our morning walk. I mention above that I got walking poles for Christmas, which were on my wishlist. The reason being that there are benefits such as improving my posture which is very important to me with my shoulder problems.

As it turns out at the end of my walk the tightness in my shoulder was not there. It was only my first walk with the walking poles, and most likely to early for any conclusion, so let’s wait a few more days to find out which of the improvements, if any, will come through.

In summary, today was a another good day. Let’s hope it continues that way.