2017-12-27 Recovery Day 296

Another good day even with some pain. In addition to the pain of my shoulder, I have had pain in both of my hips. I had this pain at a very low level for the last few days, but did not mention it since did not bother me. The question arises is the hip pain a side effect and if so from the Zometa or Revlimid.

Today I went for my morning walk alone since both Dean and Gary were not available. Dianne joined me for my late afternoon walk. I used for both walks my walking poles and like yesterday at the end of my walks the tightness in my shoulder was not there.

In the early afternoon Denise, who took of the week, took me with her to Trader Joe’s for some grocery shopping. It was nice to get out of the house, even if it was only a short trip. The rest of the day was spend resting and watching a movie.

In summary, today was a another good day. Let’s hope there are more to come.