2017-12-28 Recovery Day 297

Another good day even with some pain. Pain wise it seems to be a copy of yesterday. So far it is to difficult to determine if the hip pain is a side effect from the Zometa or Revlimid. It is my guess we need at least 2 more treatment cycles before we can determine with some certainty which of the two are responsive for the hip pain.

Today’s morning walk was with both, Dean and Gary. As to me using walking poles, they are helping me with my posture, keeping my head up for example. Today’s other activities were a FaceTime session with Ray before the morning walk, and two shopping trips with Denise.

In the late afternoon I spend some time in my office updating my three computer systems, including the system that serves as my web server. There is more work to be done, hopefully I can do some of it next week.

In summary, another good day. It looks like there are more good days to come.