2017-12-29 Recovery Day 298

Here we go, another good day! Yes, I still have to deal with the shoulder pain, the result of the surgery, which is acceptable for now. There is also the hip pain which is either the side effect from the Zometa or Revlimid. For now it is difficult to determine which one it is since we started the maintenance cycle less then two weeks ago.

I did my morning walk with Dean and Gary using my walking poles. Afterwards I spend some time with Dean assembling a wheelbarrow. Other activities were FaceTime session with Ray before the morning walk and with Hanne and Peter in Germany after my walk. I also did some computer work in my office. In the late afternoon I went for my second walk with Dianne. The rest of the day I rested watching a movie.

In summary, another good day. Let’s hope it stay that way.