2017-12-30 Recovery Day 299

It is becoming more difficult to write these daily updates. The reason is a simple one, the last 12 days are almost all identical. They are all good days with the only pain being that of my shoulder. As to my medical status there is no change. Even with the start of my maintenance treatment, taking Revlimid, chemo drug in pill form, every day.

The one issue that is still open is the hip pain which started about 5 days ago. It is to early to identify if it is either a side effect from the Zometa or Revlimid. Since the pain shows up close to the end of the day, it is for now to difficult to determine which one it is since we started the maintenance cycle less then two weeks ago.

As to my daily physical activities, I walk in the morning with my neighbors Dean and Gary during the week and with Dianne on the weekend. I also walk in the late afternoon with Dianne each day. After each walk I rest for awhile before engaging into other activities, such as working in my office or going shopping.

In summary, today was another good day. Let’s hope it continue this way.