2017-12-31 Recovery Day 300

Today is not only the last day of 2017, it is also the 300th day since being told that I have MM cancer. Today was a good day with a small hiccup in the morning. In the morning, out of nowhere I suddenly had strong pain in my left shoulder (rotator cuff) for about an hour. After the pain was gone all that I was left with was the my shoulder pain.

As to my daily physical activities, I walk this morning with Dianne. Because of my earlier morning rotator cuff pain my morning walk was delayed by an hour. I walk alone in the afternoon for my daily walk. I rested for most of the day watching yet another Raiders’ loss. After 25 years being a Raider fan, I seriously thinking of stopping watching any American Football games and instead stick with real Fußball (soccer).

In summary, today was another good day. Let’s hope it stays this way.

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