2018-01-01 Recovery Day 301

A Happy New Year to all of you. Today was another good day. There is not much more to write about which I have not mention the last 2 weeks. This being the start of a new year I came to the conclusion to change the format and content of my posting.

I will continue with a short intro about my health, which hopefully is no more then it being a good day. If it is not I will provide the details why it is not a good day. Let me remind you that my current health status is the the cancer is not in full remission! The myeloma count is very low 5-10%. I am now in what is called maintenance mode taking just one chemo medication which should over time lower the count. My blood count, especially Immunoglobulin A, will be monitored very carefully to determine the trend of the count. When my cancer was found the count was 7875 it is now 438 at the limit of the normal count 463. The goal is to bring the count down to the lower range of 81.

The other change I am making is to start Project 365 again, taking one picture each day. Photography is my hobby which I have ignored last year because of my illness, it is time to pick it up again. I will go into more details in my post tomorrow. For today this is it.

In summary, today was another good day. Good enough to think about of moving forward with my recovery on both levels, physical and mental.