2018-01-03 Recovery Day 303

Today was another good day with no real pain. It was rather a busy physical day. I admit it was not a full day, but for the first time I was active for work for at least 50% of the day. I will find out by tomorrow if my system was able to recuperate or not.

The day started of not with my morning walk, instead Ed picked me up to take me to the Big Break Regional Shoreline for the Docent Delta News and Coffee Talk. This month’s topic was Trump’s decision to increase the pumping of Delta water for the California’s Central Valley Project.

After getting back home from the coffee talk I went for my morning walk alone since Dean and Gary were busy. After my walk I spend much time on figuring out my Project 365 workflow for storing and publishing the photos on my blog. It has been over a year since I did this. I used Flickr, however with the demise of Yahoo I was not able to get access to my account without making some changes to my account settings and profile.

In summary, today was another good day. Good enough to spend some hours on my computers to setup my Project 365 workflow.