2018-01-05 Recovery Day 305

Another good day, including the physical part. Weather wise it was a rainy day. You may remember that I over did things yesterday and felt that I would feel all my body parts today. I was wrong, I did not feel each of my body parts today.

The day started of with my morning walk joined by Dean and Gary. Lucky for us, it did not rain during our morning walk. We really were lucky because by the time I got back into my house the rain started.

After my walk I spend time in my office continuing the work on Project 365. At lunch time Bill and his wife Suzan came by for lunch. Larry and Greg were not able to join us because both were having cold symptoms.

After Dianne got home we went shopping and got some lottery tickets for the $570 Million Powerball and $450 Million Mega Million draws today and tomorrow. You never know, this could be the one.

In summary, today was another good day. There is very little to add today.