2018-01-06 Recovery Day 306

Today was another good day, mentally and physically. It was also a busy day activity wise. The rain has stopped and as per 10 day forecast no rain for Sunday, but back for all-day Monday and a bit for Tuesday morning.

As I mention above it was activity wise a busy day. After breakfast we (Dianne, Denise and I) drove to Walnut Creek’s Broadway Plaza. Denise did a lot of shopping, Dianne and I did a lot of walking, more then my morning walk at home. We had lunch at Boudin’s which was very good.

Interesting there is also a Uniqlo store in the plaza. During our 2016 visit to Berlin, Dianne and Ray showed me the Uniqlo store there. At that time I purchased a Ultra Light Down Vest. Today I got a Ultra Light Down Jacket. The difference being that the jacket has long sleeves, which I will need during my morning walk since the mornings are getting colder.

After getting back home from WC, we stayed home for 2 hours to rest before going to the Sand Creek Plaza in Brentwood for some more shopping and taking dinner home from Dickey’s Barbecue Pit.

In summary, today was another great and active day. There is nothing more I can add, except that I took more photos that for now can be viewed here