2018-01-08 Recovery Day 308

Today was a good day even with it raining for most of the day. Because of the rain Dean and I went to plan B walking for 45 minutes in our local indoor mall. In the afternoon Dianne picked me to go for my blood draw and doctor appointment. Getting back home I rested for the rest of the day

On Monday I have a Skype session with Jürgen in Germany before my morning walk. Sadly today we had technical issues we could not resolve. Hopefully next time we try we will have no problems. Because of the rain Dean and I went to the Somersville Mall to walk for about 45 minutes. Getting back home I spend time on transferring the pictures I took and posted them. After lunch I spend some time FaceTiming Kenji in Japan.

After my call with Kenji, Dianne call me telling me that my Wednesday Blood Draw and Doctors appointment could be moved to today because because cancelations. She asked me if I wanted to go today, which I agreed to. This helps me because on Wednesday I also have a Dentist appointment, this way I don’t have to rush between appointments.

In summary, today was another good day even with the rain. Let’s see what tomorrow brings, maybe more rain?