2018-01-09 Recovery Day 309

Today was another great day. No rain, but the air was filled with lots of moisture. There was no sun only low hanging clouds. I forgot to mention that since yesterday I have some location on my body with skin rashes. The doctor subscribed a lotion for it, but the pharmacy won’t have it until today. For now we used what we had a home to limit the itchiness. Let’s hope the medication subscribed works better. The doctor believes it is a side effect of the Revlimid, time will tell.

The morning walk, with Dean and Gary, was good even with the high moisture content in the air. After the walk I had my FaceTime call with Ray. Since I did not fall asleep last night until around 1:00 AM I rested after lunch dozing in and out. I also spend time in transferring my photos onto Flickr and GooglePlus for sharing and linking it to my blog.

Dianne got home early to take me Grocery shopping, something I used to do alone before getting sick. It was fun doing again, especially with Dianne. Back home, I spend time to rest a bit more before dinner.

In summary, today was another good day even with no sun and some light drizzle every once in awhile. Let’s see what tomorrow brings, maybe some sun?