2018-01-11 Recovery Day 311

Another great day, weather-wise the day started with fog once gone the sun came through the light cloud cover. Before my morning walk I had a FaceTime call with Paul. We had not talked for awhile therefore it was good to catch up. Today’s morning walk, with Gary, was better then yesterday thanks to the sun. After the walk I had a FaceTime session with Ray.

Like yesterday I transferred after lunch my morning picture onto Dropbox and my own NAS drive before I uploaded them onto Flickr and GooglePlus for sharing and linking it to my blog. Dianne got home early so we went to CostCo for some grocery shopping. The distance I walk at CostCo is very close to that of my afternoon walk. Getting back home it was close to dinner time. After dinner I rested for the rest of the evening which included watching some TV.

In summary, today was another good day, we have a long weekend coming up which should be fun and a test how active I can be.