2018-01-12 Recovery Day 312

Today was another great and busy day, with fog in the morning and overcast the rest of the day with the temperature never getting over 54F/12C. The temperature did not stop me from walking and doing some grocery shopping.

Dianne took the day off which was great. Gary joined me for my morning walk. Getting back home I transferred my morning picture onto Dropbox and my own NAS drive before I uploaded them onto Flickr and GooglePlus for sharing and linking it to my blog. This workflow is becoming a standard activity. You may think “so what?”, but for me this is like getting back onto the horse.

Dianne and I did some grocery shopping at a number of stores, lasting the whole afternoon. Like yesterday, the distance I walked grocery shopping is very close to that of my afternoon walks. Getting back home it was close to dinner time. It was resting time after dinner and because it was a cold day we even started a fire in our gas fireplace.

In summary, today was another good day, hopefully be a good start for my five-day Birthday weekend.