2018-01-14 Recovery Day 314

Being my birthday today it was a good day, with some small hick-ups in the morning and evening. Waking up I did not feel to good, as the morning progressed it got better. However during dinner the stomach queasiness came back.

This will be a short entry, since I was rather enjoying my birthday. BTW, today’s high was the same as yesterday never getting over 51F/11C.

Thanks to our friend Alice who invited us for lunch we went to Gott’s in Walnut Creek. Gott’s is for us something special, when every we took a trip to Napa we would have lunch or dinner at Taylor’s Refresher in St. Helena because of their burger and milkshakes. Because of a trademark dispute it was renamed in 2010 as Gott’s Roadside. There are now 6 Gott’s in the Bay Area, including the lates one that open right here in Walnut Creek.

After lunch we spend some time in Walnut Creek because Denise needed to do some more shopping before we returned home. Be back home we spend the rest of the day resting and enjoying my birthday.

In summary, today was a good day, even with the stomach queasiness. Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day without the stomach queasiness.