2018-01-15 Recovery Day 315

Today was another great day, with fog in the morning and overcast the rest of the day with the temperature below normal for this time of the year. Health-wise not much change. No stomach issues today, shoulder pain a bit higher at the end of my walks and hip pain on and off all day long.

Being a holiday Dianne was home all day. Gary and Dean joined me for my morning walk. Getting back home I finally sorted out some paper and other things that had piled up downstairs. In addition I not only transferred my morning picture and uploaded them to my Dropbox account and my own NAS drive but also uploaded them onto Flickr and GooglePlus for sharing and linking it to my blog. In other words I was very busy.

Being busy did not stop me to go for my afternoon walk with Dianne. Getting back home I finally had time to relax and rest for the rest of the day.

In summary, today was a great day, I believe that because of being busy for most day helps in making it a great day. I have always been the guy who loves to doing things instead of resting. It is time to being that guy again.