2018-01-16 Recovery Day 316

Today was another great day, like yesterday with some fog in the morning and overcast the rest of the day. Health-wise not much change. No stomach issues today, shoulder pain a bit higher at the end of my walks and hip pain on and off all day long.

Today Dean joined me for my morning walk. Getting back home Dianne was for me so that we could take off for the day. We ended up at IKEA where we had lunch and got a few items such as a large frying pan. On our way back we stopped at Kohl’s and CostCo.

Being a busy day did not stop me from downloading the photos of today and post them on Flickr, Google+ and my website. Writing this posting took some time as I dozed of a few times during the writing. After having completed my posting I finally had time to relax and rest for the rest of the day.

In summary, today was a great day. Like yesterday, being busy for most day makes it a great day. Let’s hope it continues this way.