2018-01-19 Recovery Day 319

Today was a good day, finally we had some sunshine, however the temperature was still down. Health-wise, the shoulder and back pains are still a bit higher at the end of my walks, I control them with taking some Tylenol. I had some stomach pains on and off after lunch for a few hours. Today I had no hip pain. Gary and Dean joined me for my morning walk.

I mention yesterday that I will undergo another round of chemo treatment for at least 6 cycles, each 28 days. I don’t know when the treatment starts as it all depends on my insurance company approving the treatment. They did approve my PET/TC scan, which is schedules for this Monday morning.

One big change with this treatment is the chemo infusion. In my first treatment the infusion session was between 60-90 minutes. The upcoming infusion will be between 8 to 6 hours, a all day session. In addition, the first infusion will be in a hospital.

The reason being that Darzalex is a very strong chemo drug and infusion it to fast can have dangerous consequences. The first infusion will be closely monitored starting with a slow drip rate of 10 hours. If no side effect are showing, the drip rate will be increased to 8 and possible 6 hours. Because there is a chance that my body will show side effects that need to be treated right away, a hospital setting can deal with those better then a cancer center. Assuming that there are only minor side effect, if any, and a drip rate of 8 or 6 hours is deemed save, all future infusions will be done in the local cancer center.

That is it for now. In summary, today was a good day. I am ready to start the next round of treatment A.S.A.P. There is a positive side to this treatment cycle, having gone to the first, neither I nor my caregiver (Dianne my wife) had any idea what we were facing, keeping track of the medication, making appointments, dealing with the insurance company and providers. All this will not be a problem for this upcoming treatment cycle. We can concentrate on getting better and beat this.