2018-01-21 Recovery Day 321

Today was a bad day, weather-wise it was like yesterday sunny but cold in the morning and by end of day mostly cloudy. Health-wise, waking up with strong bone pain, the side effect of the Zometa infusion. I did finally manage to get out of bed around lunch and had a short walk with Dianne.

Afterwards I stayed downstairs resting in my recliner which helped to bring down slowly my bone pain. By dinner time the bone pain was way down, all that was left was my shoulder pain that I am dealing with since the end of my stem cell transplant.

There is not much more I did today. Starting tomorrow, I am getting ready for my second treatment consisting of six 28 day cycles. Before that starts I will have to have a PET/CT scan to get a baseline, which is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

There is not much more to report, I did take pictures, part of the Project 365, but have not have had to process them. I hope to get to them once my second treatment is underway. In summary, today was not a good day.