2018-01-25 Recovery Day 325

Today was a good day, weather-wise the day started with rain and cold temperatures. For most of the day it stayed cold and partly cloudy with a high of 58F (14C). Health-wise no change, the only pain is that related to my spine surgery.

Before my morning walk I had like yesterday a good FaceTime call with Ray. After my morning walk with Dean I went home for an hour before going on a drive with Dean. He had to visit the Contra Costa County Veterans Services in Martinez. On our way back we stop at Sams Club, Lowe’s and Safeway. We got back home around 14:00 (2:00 PM). A bit late for lunch which did not stop me to make my self a sandwich.

I spend about two hours on getting iTunes connected to my music library located on my external NAS drive. By the time I was done Dianne came home from her training class in Walnut Creek. The rest of the day I spend resting and watching TV after dinner.

That is it for today. In summary, today was a good day.