2018-01-26 Recovery Day 326

Today was not a bad day, weather-wise the day started with cold temperature 38F (3C), by the time of our morning walk it was up to 45F (7C) and partly cloudy. For most of the day it stayed cold and partly cloudy with a high of 57F (14C). Health-wise no change, the only pain is that related to my spine surgery which increased a bit because of the added activity after our walk.

Before my morning walk today I had a FaceTime calls with Paul and Ray. After my morning walk with Dean he help me by driving me grocery shopping. This extra activity caused some increase in my shoulder pain which lasted for most of the afternoon.

Since it was Friday I had Bill, Greg and Larry over for our customary lunch. Suzan joined us as well since Bill still is not allowed to drive. As always we had a good lunch and talk.

I spend the rest of the day resting to get my back pain under control. That is it for today. In summary, today was a good day.