2018-01-28 Recovery Day 328

Today was a very good day, weather-wise the day started with cold temperature 41F (5C), by the time of our morning walk it was up to 54F (12C) and partly cloudy. For most of the day it stayed cold but sunny with a high of 64F (17C). Health-wise no change, my shoulder pain related to my spine surgery which today did not decrease.

Dianne joined me for my Sunday morning walk. We took the regular route today, no extra segment, since I am still recovering from yesterday’s long walk which had raised my shoulder pain. After my morning walk Dianne I rested to bring my back pain down.

At noon we all went to the theater to see the Star Wars movie. Since the movie was almost three hours long, it was a test to see how I holding out. My back was doing good, however, my right hip was started to hurt close to the end of the movie. Getting back home I rested for the rest of the evening to get my back pain under control.

That is it for today. In summary, today was a very good day.