2018-01-29 Recovery Day 329

Today was a good day, weather-wise the day started with cold temperature 42F (5C), by the time of our morning walk it was up to 53F (12C) and partly cloudy. For most of the day it stayed cold and partly cloudy with a high of 58F (14C). Health-wise, my shoulder pain related to my spine surgery continues to be present. In addition I now have some pain on the right side underneath my chest. Something to watch out for.

Dean drove me to my Chemo Teach this morning. The session was to inform us, Dianne, Denise and myself, about the upcoming treatment cycle. After the session Dean pick me backup, we went home to change cloth for our morning walk.

After our walk, we went to Concord shopping for some garden soil and check out the new mall The Veranda on Diamond Blvd. The mall is not totally occupied and the stores present are the same as any other big mall. The only thing of interest is the new movie complex The LUXE Cinema as it offers services not available in any other theater.

After getting back home I went down to rest since my shoulder pain level was high and a new pain on the right side underneath my chest surfaced. I will have to to watch out for it and let the doctors know.

That is it for today. In summary, today was a very good day, even with the increase in pain.