2018-01-31 Recovery Day 331

Today was another good day, weather-wise the day started with a cold temperature of 42F (5C), by the time I normally start my morning walk it was up to 59F (15C) and clear. For most of the day it stayed clear with a high of 68F (20C). Health-wise, my shoulder pain related to my spine surgery continues to be present.

Today was the start of my 2nd treatment which started at 9:00 and ended at 5:00 PM (17:00 CEST). Because of the long session I did not walk. I spend almost all time in the chemo chair receiving many different medication via IV in preparation for the big one Daratumumab (trade name Darzalex)

Because there is a special wireless network for us patients I was able to watch a movie on Amazon Prime and have a FaceTime session with Ray using my own Mac and iPhone. After having received the preparation medication the fun started with the Darzalex injection, I fell asleep for an hour when they woke me up to take my vitals. I got up a few time to walk along the corridors, but that was all the exercise I got today.

There is not much more to write about. After getting back home we had dinner and watch some TV.

That is it for today. In summary, today was a very good day.