2018-02-01 Recovery Day 332

Today was another good day, weather-wise the day was very nice sunny with a high of 73F (23C), to bad I was not able to enjoy any of it, instead I spend the day in a chemo chair. Health-wise, my shoulder pain related to my spine surgery continues to be present. In addition at the end of the day after the end of the chemo session the pain has largely increased requiring some pain killer medication.

Today was like yesterday which started at 9:00 and ended around 5:00 PM (17:00 CEST). There is not more to report since the day is a repeat of yesterday. I spend almost all time in the chemo chair receiving many different medication via IV in preparation for the big one Daratumumab (trade name Darzalex).

Thanks to having access to a special wireless network for us patients I was able to watch a movies and have some FaceTime sessions with Ray and Don and work on cleaning up my laptop.

There is not much more to write about. After getting back home we had dinner and watch some TV.

That is it for today. In summary, today was a good day. The few days will tell me if there are possible side effects, like I had during my first treatment session.