2018-02-02 Recovery Day 333

I just want to take a moment to thank you all that read my blog. Today was not a good day, it did not start that way, but as Ray put it, with all that shit (medication) pumped in to me over the last two days it was expected. I will not let this get me this down because I have faith this treatment will work with you as my support system and the world’s greater caregiver.

Today was day one after my all-day chemo treatments on Wednesday and Thursday. This chemo treatment being very different from one that I underwent after my diagnoses that I had cancer, therefore I had no idea what the effects will be after the first infusion.

Getting up this morning I felt a bit lightheaded taking Meclizine took care of that. I had breakfast before going for my walk with Dean encountering no problems. Afterwards Dean drove me grocery shopping, returning home things turn bad, I had to run to the bath room to vomit.

My lightheaded came back, but I made it through lunch with Bill, Greg, Larry and Suzan. Afterwards I rested in my recliner for the rest of the afternoon having some trouble concentrating. Close to dinner I had a FaceTime call with Ray which showed that my concentration was back which lasted through dinner.

After dinner, I started to fade again. There is not much more to write about because I can’t recall what we were watching on Netflix.

That is it for today. In summary, today was not a good day. If this is the only side effect, I will take it as I am sure that over time I can control it.