2018-02-03 Recovery Day 334

Today was a good and busy day, it also was the second day after all-day chemo treatments on Wednesday and Thursday. What a difference from my first treatment which I hardly can remember anything of other then laying in bed. However I did have one side effect, chemo brain, as in my head felt fuzzy and cloudy.

Getting up this morning I felt like yesterday a bit lightheaded. We had breakfast before going for our walk. Afterwards we clean up a bit before Dianne went to get her hair done. Denise and I had lunch before going to Target and Barnes & Noble. My lightheaded came back, but I made it without any problem back home.

After getting back home, Dianne also got back from her Hair appointment, together we did some garden work before having dinner. After dinner, I started to fade quickly away. It took me over two hours to write the last two paragraphs.

That is it for today. In summary, today was a good day.