2018-02-05 Recovery Day 336

Today was not a good day, this day is something new. It started shortly after midnight, I suddenly have back pain where I did not have it before. It did not get better throughout the day. It seems to be a delayed side effect from the first chemo infusion. We will find out over the next 7 days if it is and hopefully have a counter measure.

As I said above the pain started after midnight. It is different from the surgery back pain in that it is real pain that in some spots is on top of the surgery pain. Taking some Tylenol brings the pain level down. For now I will stay away from stronger one until I figure out the cause, side effect or something else.

There is little to write about, I did go for my morning walk. Because of the pain I walk slower without raising the pain level. For the rest of the day I rested for most of it, but I did get up every so often which helped a bit with the rest of my body staying flexible.

Like I said, not a good day thanks to the new pain. I am hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day. That is it for today. In summary, today was not a good day.