2018-02-06 Recovery Day 337

Today was not a bad day, no back pain during the night like yesterday. No lightheadedness or chemo brain. I am still dozing off every so often in the afternoon. My shoulder pain related to my spine surgery continues to be present, as well as some pain on the right side underneath my chest. Tomorrow is the start of my 2nd cycle starting with the chemo infusion which will be a all day affair.

As to my activities for today, I started with breakfast before having a Skype call with Christian Huemer. I have tried many times to connect with him, but something always came up that prevented us from talking. It finally happen. After the call Dean and I went for our morning walk.

After the walk I spend some time sorting out my photos I took this year. There is so much to do with them that for now I just stored them. As my body feels better after each treatment I will have the time to process them and upload them to Flickr and my blog.

Just before lunch Joe Elyard, my Healthcare Insurance friend, called me. He was surprised about my status. We had a good call, ending with him going to drop by for a visit in the next few weeks. After lunch I got a FaceTime from Don, he is doing better, which is good news.

For the rest of the day I rested for most of it. I did water the flowers and spend some time sitting in the garden reading a book.

That is it for today. In summary, today was not a bad day.