2018-02-08 Recovery Day 339

Today was a good day. Things felt good after getting up and having breakfast. Today was day one after my all-day chemo treatment on Wednesday. Compared to last week’s first day after chemo it was in direct opposite. I am looking forward to tomorrow being the same.

After breakfast I spend some time in my office before getting ready for my morning walk with Dean. Returning back home from my walk I got a FaceTime call from Hanne in Braunschweig Germany. Like the last few calls Hanne cannot hear me. After some fiddling around we got it going using Peter’s iPhone.

After the call I had lunch followed by spending the rest of afternoon outside in the backyard. Now that we have the extension added to the overhang of our patio I can adjust the patio furniture for me to create a working environment that is covered by shade. I really enjoyed the new setup.

Dianne came home early and help with some of the heavy stuff being moved. She also gave me my first haircut since I lost most of it during my stem cell transplant. She did a great job since it looks great.

That is it for today. In summary, today was a good day.