2018-02-09 Recovery Day 340

Today was another good day. Things felt good after getting up and having breakfast. Today was day two after my all-day chemo treatment on Wednesday. Compared to last week’s second day after chemo it was almost identical except for the missing lightheadedness. I am looking forward to tomorrow being the same.

After breakfast I spend some time outside setting up my outdoor computing center before getting ready for my morning walk with Dean. Returning back home from my walk just in time to meet the Gardners to change the borders around our flower center in the front yard.

Being Friday, Bill, Suzan and Greg came for our traditional lunch. Larry could not join us today as he had another appointment. As always we had a good lunch and conversation. After they left I continued with my outdoor setup. Dianne came home early for us to go grocery shopping at CostCo. Afterwards back home, I needed to rest until dinner time, due to being to active.

That is it for today. In summary, today was a good day.