2018-02-11 Recovery Day 342

Today was again a good day. Day started with a good breakfast followers a bit later with Dianne joining me for my morning walk. For the first time in almost 2 months I took some breakthrough medication (Dilaudid) this morning because my back pain was at a high level. Interesting enough the breakthrough medication did not bring the pain level down, something I was afraid of but had to confirm. The reason I stop taking breakthrough medication was that it did not help with my surgery back pain.

After returning from my morning walk I helped Dianne with some garden work. After lunch we went shopping again which included getting some LED lamp for the front yard, which needed some assembly work. By the time it was mid-afternoon we decided to stop and go inside to relax watching the movie Geostorm.

That is it for today. There is not much more to write about since what was left for today was having dinner and watching some TV. In summary, today was a good day.