2018-02-17 Recovery Day 348

Today was a so-so day. After getting up I noticed dizziness and lightheadedness. I took the medication for it which seemed to work. Dianne and I went for breakfast at Denny’s followed afterwards with a stop at Trader Joe’s before returning home. Being back home my dizziness and lightheadedness came back. I decided to relax in order to control the dizziness and lightheadedness. It worked. Around 11:00 Dennis Petitpas came by for a visit. We talked about photography and other technologies.

Dennis left shortly after lunch. Dianne did some garden work, cutting and trimming the grass. I spend the time outside taking some photos of our flowers. After Dianne was done with cutting the grass we went to Concord to have dinner at Claim Jumpers. After dinner we went to the World Market before getting back home.

That is it for today, not much to write about. In summary, today was not a so-so day.