2018-02-18 Recovery Day 349

Today was another so-so day. Like yesterday, after getting up I noticed dizziness and lightheadedness. I took the medication for it so that I could eat my breakfast and go with Dianne and Denise as planned to IKEA. Being a long weekend and Sunday the traffic was very light. The trip to IKEA was mainly for Denise since she needed a few things for work that only IKEA has. I just went for the walk along, yes walk, since walking through IKEA is almost as long as my morning walk.

There was another reason for going to IKEA this weekend, free lunch! Spend a $100+ on goods this weekend and lunch is free. After our free lunch we drove back home, just in time as my back pain started to act up. I took two Tylenol which helped. We did take a detour on the way back, by going to Target first before going home.

Being finally home, I needed to rest since the trip was longer then I anticipated, which I did. Dianne and I watch a girly movie to help us with relaxing. After the movie we had dinner followed by more relaxing watching more TV.

That is it for today, not much more to write about. In summary, today was not a so-so day.