2018-02-20 Recovery Day 351

Today was almost like yesterday. Today, like yesterday, after getting up I noticed dizziness and lightheadedness. Taking the medication for it helped. I also had some stomach cramps which disappear by resting. I limited my breakfast to some toast. All together the symptoms got under control allowing me go for my morning walk with Dean. Returning back home I spend the rest of the morning and early afternoon resting, which included watching the UEFA Champions League quarter-final, Bayern beat Beşiktaş 5:0.

After the game I went outside in to our backyard to take some photos for the Project 365. Since today is a record cold day, I did not stay outside to long. For the rest of the day I stayed inside continue to organize the files on my network of computers and attached drives. The day ended as always with dinner and watching some TV.

That is it for today, not much more to write about. In summary, today was like yesterday a better day.