2018-02-21 Recovery Day 352

Today was again a so-so day. After getting up again I noticed dizziness and lightheadedness. Taking the medication for it helped. I also had some light stomach cramps which disappeared only to come back awhile later. I limited my breakfast to some toast. Today was treatment day at the local Cancer center.

Shortly after the infusion of the pre-meds I was overcome with spasms (sudden involuntary contraction of a group of muscles). A repeat of my 2nd treatment (see 2002-07). Today’s spasms were lighter and shorter and the location were in the inside of both of my elbows.

Since the infusion had started, it was agreed to give me a dose of Ativan (generic name lorazepam) helping me to relax and lay me down on the overnight bed. Keeping it short, it worked, I dozed of for a while and when I woke up the spasms had stopped. My treatment ended at a bit after 4:30 PM.

That is it for today, again not much more to write about. In summary, today was a so-so day.