2018-02-22 Recovery Day 353

Today was a better day. After getting up I still had a bit of lightheadedness. I took the medication for it so that I could eat my breakfast and go for my morning walk with Dean. After resting for 30 minutes I went with Dean shopping at CostCo.

After getting back home and uploading the groceries, it was time to rest again as my back tightness has come back. After a while I was able to do some online web searching to check on My Service Canada Account (MSCA). For weeks now after entering two pages of data the system tells me after hitting Submit, that there are technical issues, please try again in day. Guess I will have to try and try again.

Today was another very cold day, which helps justifying staying inside and resting. I did feel better around dinner. Afterwards I started writing this posting which took some time since I dozed of a number of times.

That is it for today, again not much more to write about. In summary, today was a better day.