2018-02-23 Recovery Day 354

Today was a good day. I still get a bit of lightheadedness after getting up in the morning which disappeared after taking the medication for it. After checking my vitals it was time to to eat my breakfast and go for my morning walk with Dean.

After getting back home it was time to rest as my back’s tightness had come back. After a while I was able to do some cleanup work since it being Friday, Bill, Suzan and Greg came for our traditional lunch. Larry could not join us today as he had caught the flu from his wife. As always we had a good lunch and conversation.

After they left I needed to rest until dinner time, due to being to active for most of the morning and during lunch. I did feel better around dinner. Afterwards I started writing this posting which took some time since I dozed of a number of times.

That is it for today, again not much more to write about. In summary, today was a good day.