2018-02-24 Recovery Day 355

Today was a great day. The morning routine is still the same with a bit of lightheadedness after getting up in the morning which disappeared after taking the medication for it. Checking vitals before breakfast and getting ready for my one hour morning walk. Today was no different except for the fact that Dieter, Carsten and Renée had arrived late last night from Southern California for a visit. Carsten joined me on my morning walk.

After getting back home from my morning walk I rested for a bit as my back’s tightness had come back. We spend some family time together catching up on things until about lunch. Afterwards Dieter helped with getting some garden projects finished which I can no longer do. I spend some time outside catching some fresh air (and checking things out).

Overall today was a great day for two reasons, being with Dieter’s family and having a good day with limited pain issues. We had Pizza for dinner with a glass of Moscato Provincia di Pavia N.V. We had so much fun that I started late writing this posting which took some time since I dozed of a number of times.

That is it for today, this time there was more to write about. In summary, today was a great day.