2018-03-02 Recovery Day 361

Today was a good day. The day started with getting up very early for my 7:00 MRI appointment. The MRI went with no problem, the result should be available by Monday. After getting back home, it was time for my morning walk with Dean. We were lucky that we got our walk in between rain showers.

Getting back from my walk, it was time to get ready for lunch with Bill and Suzan, Greg got to busy with work and Larry did not want to take chance with my WBC being low and he still not 100% over his flu. After Bill and Suzan left, I spend some time transferring the photos taken the last 4 days to my laptop.

For now the photos are all on Flickr. The plan is to add them to my blog under the Albums section. For that to happen I need more time and energy, which I hope is soon. So for now you can view all my photos on Flickr by clicking on the following links:

My PhotoStream and My Albums

By the time I got my photos sorted out it was time for dinner and watching some TV afterwards.

That is it for today, in summary, today was a good day.