2018-03-03 Recovery Day 362

Today was a somewhat good day. Being Saturday we did not get up until about 7:30 and started the day with breakfast at home. I did still encounter lightheadedness, however it did not last long, nor did it stop us from going for my morning walk. Getting back home it started to rain again, something which happened all day long, rain, sun and even hail, reminding us that it is still winter.

There is not much to report about today since it was a day to stay home and inside. The resting did some good for my back pain. In addition besides watching some movies and TV, it allow me to clean up my paperwork, making sure my banking was up-to-date and do some other house cleaning.

Normally Saturday and Sunday are the two days that I looking for the most since it allows us as a family to be together for two full days doing things together. Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day allowing us to enjoy time together minus rain and hail.

That is it for today, in summary, today was a somewhat good day.