2018-03-04 Recovery Day 363

Today was a not a bad day. The day did not start of to well. I had a bad night, especially around 4:00 AM as I had to get because of the feeling to vomit. It turned out to be dry heaving only. I stayed in bed a bit long until my stomach had settled down.

By the time I got dressed and downstairs I felt so much better that I had breakfast. The temperature this morning was very cold, at freezing, leaving frost on car tops and the grass. It provided an opportunity to take some pictures, which I did.

Afterwards we went for my morning walk. After resting for a bit we went grocery shopping for a few things we forgot yesterday. Getting back home it was time for lunch. After lunch Dean dropped by asking me if I wanted to join him getting some garden pavers for his walkway as well as some shelving hardware.

As it turned out all that shopping activity did me some good since the movement seems to be better then sitting around.

That is it for today, in summary, today was a good day.