2018-03-06 Recovery Day 365

Today was another good day. The day started of with a good breakfast follower by a Skype call with François. After the call, Dean and I walked as we do every weekday. The temperature this morning was like yesterday, very cold. Getting back home I had a FaceTime call with Ray. After the call I spend some time resting before getting ready for lunch.

After lunch Dean drove me to the local cancer center for Cancer Support Group meeting. Returning back home I went with Dianne for another walk. Getting back home it was time for dinner. After dinner we watching some TV before retiring for the night.

That is it for today, in summary, today was a good day.

2 thoughts on “2018-03-06 Recovery Day 365

  1. Klaus,

    Day 365, one year that you have faithfully written blogs every day, keeping us up to date in our thoughts and prayers for you. You are one tough fighter. Keep up the good fight!


    1. Thanks Paul to note it was one year of blog entries. It was not a goal I had in mind, now I am working on the next 365, since I was told that it may take this long to finally get into remission.

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