2018-03-11 Recovery Day 370

Today the day started of as a better day, which is something since today we also had to deal with a time change. After a good breakfast we went for our morning walk. As it turns out today my walk was without pain. After returning back home, I did some clean up of the outside patio, getting ready for some sunnier weather, hopefully in the near future.

After having had lunch, I continue with my outdoor cleaning. By early afternoon, I went inside resting a bit before going out for my afternoon walk. For most of the walk I had no pain issues. However, close to the end of my walk I encountered some stomach pains. I did make it back home to rest. By the time dinner was served my back pain was under control. After dinner we watching some TV before retiring for the night.

That is it for today, in summary, today was a interesting day, it started of with no real pain, by noon the back pain came through again. As it turns out, this place was to become the family outdoor meeting place.