2018-03-17 Recovery Day 376

Today was a great day. Being Saturday, I slept a bit longer. After getting up I checked my vital, which were good, before having our homemade EggMcMuffin. After we all had breakfast we decided to go to IKEA to check out their curtains for outdoors. Since we passed Pleasant Hill on the way, we detoured to visit our bank for some quick business.

We arrived at IKEA without any further delay. After having walked through the first floor, we had lunch at the IKEA Restaurant. The menu is what I call made up of American/Swedish items at a price hard to beat.

As to our reason for visiting IKEA, the curtain, we found what we were after, including the needed hardware. However, we did buy more then just the curtains, that’s the way it is when we are at IKEA.

By the time we got back home, it was mid-afternoon, time for me to rest since this trip did take some energy out of me. We ended the day with Pizza for dinner and watching Murder on the Orient Express.

That is it for today, in summary, today was a great day.