2018-03-18 Recovery Day 377

Today was a so-so day. It started again with waking up around 5:00 and the urge to dry heave. Afterwards I went back to bed and dozed off until around 7:30. Checking my vitals, showed that I was having a fever again. I had toast for breakfast so that I could take my regular regiment of medication. I rested for the rest of the morning. By lunch my temperature was down.

I had a chicken noodle soup for lunch before resting again. By 2:00 (14:00) I felt better, good enough to go for a walk with Dean. I encountered no problems during my walk, however my energy level was very low at the end of my walk. I went back to rest until dinner. Eating dinner was without problems. However, 30 minutes later I had stomach issues. For the rest of the evening I rested before going to bed.

That is it for today, in summary, today was a so-so day.